IUPUI Campus CenterOn January 23-25, 2014, we will hold a three-day conference / workshop in Indianapolis, IN.  The conference (January 23-24) is open to the public.  This conference will be the kick-off event for the Rivers of the Anthropocene project and will be held in the Klipsch Theatre in the Campus Center at Indiana University-Purdue University, Indianapolis on January 23-24, 2014.

The theme of this conference is river systems during the Anthropocene — the current geological age in which humans have reshaped the planet’s biophysical systems.  Human impacts on freshwater generally, and river systems more specifically, threaten the stability of ecologies around the world.  And, they have created one of the greatest problems that humans will face in the 21st century: water security.

As one of the most pressing challenges of this century, water security cannot be solved by creative technological solutions alone.  Human sociocultural systems shape behavior and attitudes toward the environment.  They can create rigid systems and feedback loops that can accelerate or limit change.  Consequently, any solutions to environmental problems requires a transdisciplinary approach premised on an understanding of the complex historical and cultural dynamics between human societies and their environments.

This aim of this conference is to create new transdisciplinary conceptual and methodological frameworks for addressing freshwater systems around the globe.  It brings together 25 experts from 5 countries — academic and non-academic researchers, policy makers, government and non-governmental representatives, and artists — in an attempt to create meaningful dialogue and measurable results.  To help frame the discussion, the organizers have asked the speakers to relate their presentations to the Ohio and Tyne river systems, and several speakers will specifically address local conditions in central Indiana.

This conference is organized by the IUPUI Arts and Humanities Institute, which was established in 2012 to support the campus-wide attainment of excellence in research and creative activity; serve as a campus liaison to the central Indiana community; and foster ongoing partnerships and ventures that advance arts and humanities endeavors at IUPUI and in Indianapolis.

For a schedule of events click here.

General admission tickets are $45, and they give registrants access to both days of the conference.  Registrants have the option to purchase a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian lunch.  They may also purchase discounted parking in the adjacent parking deck.

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